Pe-Ha-Blue® PLUS


Pe-Ha-Blue® PLUS is a very innovative product in the ALBOMED® portfolio. It was developed to make ophthalmic surgeries quicker, simpler, safer and more efficient. Pe-Ha-Blue® PLUS combines the outstanding viscoelastic properties of Pe-Ha-Luron® F with trypan blue. In addition to the common functions of viscoelastic solutions, this combination also increases the contrast for the surgeon, which leads to more safety during the procedure. Pe-Ha-Blue® PLUS is provided as a sterile product in a ready-to-use syringe.

  • No cooling required
  • Preserves the anterior eye chamber and the capsular sac
  • Supports a controlled capsulorhexis
  • Excellent protection of the endothelial cells
  • Easy to inject
  • Better adhesion to the endothelium during phacoemulsification
  • Excellent protection against mechanical forces
  • Sterile
  • CE-certified




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